About me

Ines,-für-WebsiteMy name is Ines Aubert. I live in Switzerland and work as a teacher for children with special needs. I’ve been active in the anti-death penalty movement for many years now and still consider it a valuable commitment for me.

In the past 14 years I have collected many experiences in contact with death row inmates, their families and friends and other active or interested people in the anti-death penalty movement. You can read about some of my experiences in learn more.

In my long term friendships with my pen pals in different states, but also in my contacts with other concerned people including victims and their family members I realized that we can sometimes improve the situation by just listening to what they want to tell us.

And that, among many other things that we don’t have the means to do, is something that we can do!

I’ve personally experienced meetings with victims of my pen pals on death row and I found these encounters to have a healing effect on both parties. This was clearly the case when Debbie, who was raped by Casper and I met. You can find an interview with her here.

Ines Aubert