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The Hawk and the Dove

By different authors, 2017
Collected and set up by Ines Aubert

A collection of texts by various authors talking about the death penalty, death row prisoners and their supporters. The title refers to a talk between Jeff and Ines.
Jeff, as a stranger and proponent of the death penalty, contacted Ines by e-mail while she was visiting her pen pals in prison. In the collection you will find the original e-mail exchange between them and many more articles.

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Restorative Justice – A Philosophy of Justice Based on Core Values and a Variety of Practices

By different authors, 2018
Collected by Ines Aubert, Annette van Vugt, Claudia Dölker, Sabrina Trächslin, Lilia Allemann

A collection of texts and interviews by people in the free world and behind bars. Drawings by Niels, Holland.

You will find a table of contents here.