The project

The project connectdeathrow

This site will provide the opportunity to get in a one-time contact with a death row prisoner or with another person concerned with the death penalty.

Diploma thesis or school project about the death penalty
Maturarbeit, Schulprojekt oder Vortrag über die Todesstrafe – Das Projekt connectdeathrow

Questions of a student through connectdeathrow

Dear friend
We are starting a theatre project called “letters from….” We want to get in contact with people in very different life situations. We would like to have letter contact with you and use it for our project.
We will bring this theatre onstage and during the performances there would be a chance to introduce the audience to the theme of capital punishment. So we would be very happy to receive a letter from you….. I would like to know where you were born and how your childhood was. A very important question for me is what dreams and goals you have in life.
F., a student from Germany

Answers of two inmates through connectdeathrow

My goals are while I’m here to learn as much as I can, about anything I can! Makes sense? Aside from that, I have another goal that is to become a better person, to do better, help whomever I can and if I can. If I see someone, anyone that might be veering off on the wrong path and heading towards losing their freedom, it’s also my goal to help steer them back onto the right path, and explain they do not understand what freedom really means until it has been ripped out from under them and you are told you’ll never get it back!

B., on death row in Texas

Goals, in the short term, are to condition my mind to be strong and stable (and the same goes for my body). That is a day-by-day process that I spend a lot of time on, by doing meditation, yoga and other workouts. Long-term goals: to find a way to resolve my present situation in a better way so that I can become a beneficial part of my community, wherever I end up living. There are legal battles still to fight. But more important to me, overall, is repairing and building relationships with depth and meaning. Those connections are the real value in life.

T., in prison in Texas


Articles and texts

Before you contact someone through the site you can learn more about the death penalty by reading some of the texts and articles on this site.

Contact the people listed on this website

The people listed on this homepage under “inmates speak” and “other people speak” are death row prisoners, victims’ family members or friends and relatives of death row prisoners. They are all available to write you back if you have questions or comments that you want to send them. The contact won’t be direct but through the project.

This project is suitable for students or classes of juveniles who want to understand more about the death penalty.

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More people and texts will be added to the homepage from time to time.


If you want to start a long-time pen pal-ship with a death row prisoner, please contact lifespark We can send you our starter documents in English, German or French.